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Victoria Chapter Save a Turkey Trot Report

The first annual Save-A-Turkey Trot was a success, and fun had by all!

Last Sunday was a bit of a cloudy and overcast day, but regardless OrganicAthlete Victoria and Friends of Animals welcomed 23 people and two dogs to join us for this fun run/jog/walk/whatever. Victoria is infamous for holding 1st-time sporting events with hardly any participants, so this was actually a pleasant surprise.

The goal of the event is to encourage a more peaceful Thanksgiving (and every meal!) by promoting veganism. It's healthy, better for the environment, and certainly eliminates an unimaginable amount of suffering and killing in the world.

We welcomed a wide range of people, young and old, sporty and casual. According to the sign-up poll, fully 12 of the participants were vegans, three vegetarians, and the rest selected 'curious to find out more' or left it unmarked.

Most of the participants were keen on enjoying a walk along the scenic waterfront, but some opted to push themselves for the 5k run.

Top finisher was long-time OA Victoria member and vegan Kevin Park, with a time of 20:33, which is doubly-impressive given he took a wrong turn and ran a bit further! Adam Moss, a member of the UVic Triathlon club and vegetarian, was close behind finishing at 20:57. Top female and 3rd overall was long-time OA friend and supporter Lysanne Lavigne with a speedy 21:24, and a minute behind her was vegan and new FoA and UVic Tri member Jenn Marr.

The tail end of the walkers strolled in at about 55 minutes, where they were cheered and welcomed with delicious vegan sweets donated by the vegan restaurant Green Cuisine. A draw followed, and over $600 in prizes and goodies were given out. A big thank-you to our generous event and OA Team sponsors Purica (for loaning the tent as well), Vega (free samples were given to everyone as well), Eatmore Sprouts & Greens, Oak Bay Bikes, Tattoo Zoo and of course Green Cuisine. A big thank-you also needs to go out to OA and FoA volunteers Scott, Mary, Kevin, Alissa and Jess for helping out and making this come together.

For more info on why to consider a vegan Thanksgiving (including recipes) check out the Friends of Animals'Victoria Vegan' site: http://thevictoriavegan.com/foa/ and the FoA Vegan Starter Guide: http://bit.ly/foa-vsg.

Have a happy, vegan Thanksgiving!