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Kelly Lynn Nauyokas - Bodybuilding

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current Residence: Tampa, FL
Sport(s): Fitness Competitions, Obstacle Course, Natural bodybuilding and Physique modeling
Pro/Elite since: 2005
Date of Birth: August 20, 1980
Website: www.kellylynnfit.com

Favorite fruit: Grapes
Favorite veggie: Broccoli and Cauliflower
Hobbies/Other sports: Volleyball

1. When and why did you choose to stop eating animal products?

I became vegetarian in 2001 while I was in the US Marines. I was only consuming protein powder made of whey at the time. After cheating a few times and eating meat, I noticed that I felt horrible after eating them. I completely stopped eating animal products in 2005 when I had experienced chemical sensitivities to artificial sweetners and ingredients. I feel amazing now!

2. What has been your experience as a vegan athlete? Have you noticed any performance or health benefits or problems?

I notice that my body feels cleaner than ever. I also noticed that I have a lot more energy and feel lighter because I don’t have to digest all of that animal meat.

3. Have teammates and other athletes been supportive or critical?

Supportive, because I am a sports nutrition specialist and I explain the concepts very thoroughly, so most people trust me. Those who are critical just don’t want to give up their unhealthy lifestyle.

4. A brief history of your athletic career.

I started dance when I was a young girl. At age seven I won a scholarship to Broadway School of Dance, but I never took it. Over the course of my high school years, I still remained in dance as a hobby. I totally switched gears when in 1999, I joined the US Marines. While serving I began working out with power-lifters and built a great base for bodybuilding. I then started competing in that and slowly changed to the fitness industry, where I could incorporate my dance background. I have been competing ever since…eating veges like crazy!

5. Most memorable results or achievements.

2001 3rd NPC Lowcountry Classic (my first ever bodybuilding show)
2005 3rd NPC Southeastern USA
2005 1st place NPC All South (place for Nationals)
2006 INBA Las Vegas Natural, won my pro card
2006 NPC IFBB North Americans third call out

6. Why did you join OA's PRO-Activist team?

Because I want to encourage people to live their healthiest life possible and that the body needs a vegan lifestyle to be full of vitality. Eating living foods that come from the earth is the best thing anyone can do for their body!