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Duncan Seko - Cycling

Duncan SekoHometown: Chelsea, Quebec

Current Residence: Chelsea, Quebec

Sport(s): Road cycling, middle distance track & field, long distance running, and martial arts.

Pro/Elite since: 1996

Date of Birth: November 22nd 1975

Website: workin on it

Favorite fruit: Pineapple

Favorite veggie: Greens

Hobbies/Other sports: Fine artist, painter and sketch artist, graphic
designer/illustrator, soccer, speed skating, cooking, reading, and writing

1. When and why did you choose to stop eating animal products?

I think I was born to be a vegan, because from my early childhood I never had passion and taste for eating animals products.

2. What has been your experience as a vegan athlete? Have you noticed any performance or health benefits or problems?

I'm content with all the health benefits and always expecting many more throughout my life.

3. Have teammates and other athletes been supportive or critical?

Some have been supportive, understanding and even needing to know more of the be advantages of being a vegan and how it helps my performance, while others have not and are very critical.

4. A brief history of your athletic career.

I very much grew up within sports and exercise pretty much all my life,>From the age of 9 to 12 years I was playing boxing and from 12 years on wards I switched from boxing to martial arts Tae kwon do and Karate, played bad Minton, lawn tennis, running, basketball, rugby and soccer till the age of 19 when I switched full time Elite mountain biking for the national team then to road racing Elite Professional in Europe with a minimal participation in martial arts, running and soccer up to this date.

5. Most memorable results or achievements.

Tour of the lakes Cycling Stage race 3rd over all placing as well as general team placing in the team sports I featured in. My own efforts in martial arts tournaments as a black belt competitor.

6. Why did you join OA's PRO-Activist team?

Because it champions, promotes and stands up for the wellness and healthy standards and educational values that that I believe in and as well try to educate and share with those need to know more about vegetarian and vegan way of life.