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Tour de France Vegan Meal Plan 3

Our third meal plan from our Tour de France contest from Harley Johnstone:

Litre of water upon rising.
3hrs before start would blend up 1lb of dates. (1500 cals) with 1litre of water.

On the bike

Have the team car give me water and I would have 4 dates per hour of riding in my musette. Maybe a few sticks of celery.


2lbs of dates blended with 2 quarts water.
Total Calories


This is for a 5hour stage. 5X4=20 dates= approx 1lb. So we have 1lb for breakfast, 1lb on the bike and 2lb for dinner. This will easily supply sufficent glucose for glycogen restoration each day. 4lbs approx 7200cals. The mono format of the diet would provide peak digestion. Would drink as much water to keep my urine clear and frequent, at least 10 times a day.