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Tour de France Vegan Meal Plan 2

Vegan Shepard's PieHere's our second meal plan from Melanie Skyes:

2 cups freshly squeezed OJ
6oz expresso
4 slices vegan bacon
6oz apricot/mango soy yogurt
1 1/2 cups Muselix w/raisins, walnuts & cranberries
1 cup soy milk

Total Calories 1045.6
Fat 20.83 grams
Carbs 183 grams
Protein 40.9 grams

On the bike

6- 24oz HEED Perpetuem drinks
1 banana
4 carbBoom gels
1 Clif apricot bar
1 Clif carrot cake bar

Total Calories 1825
Fat 14.9
Carb 460 grams
Protein 42.3 grams

**Post Race Mini Meal**

2 cups potato & pea mini casserole w/vegan cheese sauce
20 oz apple/grape juice w/Creatine Surge(recovery mix)

Total Calories 934.86
Fat 24.20
Carb 177.25
Protein 48.79

Mixed greens salad w/tomatoes,cucumber,red onion,black olives,red peppers,avocado and olive oil & balsamic vinegar
2 medium slices French bread
21oz Shepards pie
7.3oz Tiramasu
1- 11oz bottle Perrier
6oz expresso

Total Calories 5719.61
Fat 170.13
Carb 1112.53 grams
Protein 171.05


I added a post race meal because it's typical of a pro cyclist race diet.
I also tried to keep meals authentic to the geographic region.