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Tour de France Vegan Meal Plan 1

We had 6 entries for our Tour de France vegan meal plan contest. Yay! Over the next few days I will be sharing them here on our blog. The end of this week, I will post the winners of the contest. Everyone who participated will win something!
Here's the first meal plan from Ted Carr:


2 cups of organic coconut water (90 calories)
6 organic mangoes (800-900 calories)
10 local organic cherries (50 calories)

On the bike

6-8 cups of organic coconut water (275-370 calories)
48 organic medjool dates (3,100-3,200 calories)
1 medium sized organic banana (100 calories)


3 cups of organic coconut water (135 calories)
100 local organic cherries (500 calories)
9 nectarines (550 calories)
Total Calories
5600- 5895


Make sure to take the pits out of the dates the night before the ride and squish the dates into small round balls. Make sure to sip the coconut water every 2-3 minutes and have a date every 8-12 minutes. Even if you're not hungry, force yourself to eat at set intervals. Have the banana first or last, don't have it halfway through the dates.