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Space and Time

Space Time Continuum

Jeff at the The Logic of Long Distance blog discusses running and philosophy. The only thing better to me is running and data, but I get my daily dose of that at my trainingpeaks account. In his latest post, Jeff posits that we might need space rather than time for our running:

The hour spent running is a penumbral hour of the day, and the time of running is almost always a sort of stolen, hidden time. We run when others are sleeping, commuting, eating or watching TV. We are always squeezing the run into periods of time that are hidden from howling rush of ordinary life. I have done 15 mile runs that have taken no time at all. This is the thing that boggles the minds of non-runners. They ask: "How can you just run for an hour or two?" "How do you find the time to do it?" The answer is simple: if it did take time, running would be boring. If it took time, it would indeed keep us from our more important tasks. But runners know a secret: running takes no time at all. What it takes is space.

I have tried (and failed) countless times to "make time" for running and cycling. For most of the past year, I felt like I just didn't have the time to get out for even an occasional jog, and over the course of year, I felt space closing in on me. True, I was "busy." I started school. I actually made some money. I hardly had any room to breathe.

How many time have stopped exercising consistently only to start again and think, "why did I stop?" I thought my problem was time. What I really needed was the space I took by running.