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Poland's Vege (not just) Runners

It's always inspiring to see vegetarian athlete groups in other countries. Here's some info on a group in Poland. Check 'em out!

 Vegan Runner

In the country when meat is synonym of strong and power and vegetarians are normally associated with fragile and weak human beings the group of people decided to come out and prove that meat is unnecessary to …run marathons. Even better, they showed one can win while on vegetarian diet. If you look closer, you see that these people are also activists and volunteers engaged in many good-will projects. These are people of all ages and backgrounds, ranging from students, through teachers to company owners. What they have in common is the passion for sports which turns into the passion for life. Running carrot no longer surprises on their white/green running suits, but even cause friendly smiles.

Vegan Running Club

Group together with portal WegeSport.pl officially started in 2006 and it have been growing in numbers from this moment. However, members not only run, there are triathlonists, ultramarathoners, mountain/trail runners, mtb cyclists or many in one ;). They train and take part place in race, but also promote healthy lifestyle as mixture of vege diet and physical activity. Group is present in the media, cooperate with NGO’s or sport event organizators. Additionally they have lectures or articles about sport, diet or training and you may find Vege Runners information points on some big sport events. Vege Runners consists of vegetarians, vegans or raw vegans from all around the Poland. For it's ongoing activity Vege Runners is already known brand in polish running society or vegetarian world.

Vegan Runners

Year 2011 is the time of growth for the Vege Runners community. First of all, the second edition of Vege Grand Prix took place which is race run on the distance of 10 to 21 kilometers. Not only new names appeared but the sport level was really high so it was not easy to land a trophy. Winners received symbolic, yet very friendly awards. But it is not them that matter; it is the fact that more and more vegetarians become active. To beat a long distance one can’t live on chocolate bars and jam sandwiches alone, it’s a long and painstaking path to become stronger and faster.

Vegan Runners

Vege Runners is an exceptional club consisting of people who combined their passion with action against cruel treatment of animals, but without offensive shouts or aggressive criticism. One can say a lot, but what really counts is leaving one’s home and doing what one feels is right.

All you need to do to join Vege Runners is just to want it. There are no fees, sport level limit or lifetime obligations. To get to know the members better go to www.wegesport.pl