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Kickstart Vegan Athletes

A Day in the Life of a Vegan Athlete needs to raise $3400. They have raised $1034. Get into gear vegan athletes! This worth supporting.
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 Kickstarter Vegan Athletes

About this project

Day in the Life is a web-based documentary series where we spend the day with vegan athletes cooking, eating and training. Athletes have the most demanding nutritional needs on earth and if they can be healthy on a vegan diet than anyone can! We want to get their stories and positive example to the world.

Our Day in the Life videos cover each athlete’s demanding workouts, showing you how to get in shape, stay fit, and maybe even train for that marathon you’ve always wanted to do. Also quick and healthy recipes for the new or advanced vegan.

Our production team is award-winning film-maker Sasha Perry and Registered Dietitian Matt Ruscigno. Sasha and Matt have over 25 years of experience with veganism and both are committed athletes and activists.

We have already made four videos by paying the expenses- each high-quality video takes over 40 hours. We will stay punk and keep costs down- no hotels for us! Your donation goes directly to production costs. This project involves travel to get to the athletes- training or at a race, we want to showcase them at their best. Your donation also covers food, editing fees and equipment rentals (when needed). All essential to getting our videos and message of veganism out to the world.

We have over a dozen contacts with vegan athletes ready to go in front of the camera, from ultra-runners to MMA fighters to body builders! Donate to our project and let's show that vegan diets are healthy and accessible with professional videos hosted by a nutrition expert.