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Downhill Running

Running Downhill on Mt Marathon

Every fourth of July, there's an event that will test your downhill running skills (and uphill fitness) like none other. The Mt Marathon race in Seward, Alaska takes you straight up Mt. Marathon and straight back down. I've hiked the trail, which is little more than a rut in a scree pile. The people who run it are insane.

Whether or not you're preparing to bound down a talus slope at speeds approaching terminal velocity, running downhill is important for any runner.  Hills make you stronger, going up and down. 

I tracked down a couple of good articles on downhill running here and here.  One tip that I picked up is to focus on kicking your heels back while running downhill. I find that helps keep me light on my feet, quickens my cadence, and diminishes the jarring.  What tips have you collected for running downhill? Post them in the comments!