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Robert Cheeke - Vegan Bodybuilder

 Robert CheekeIn this episode, Bradley Saul interview vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke.

Robert's website vegan bodybuidling and fitness is one of the most popular vegan fitness on the web.

Robert once told me in a previous interview: 

I have been vegan for nearly ten years and a successful athlete over this decade of compassionate athletics. Believe it or not, but I always wanted to be big and muscular when I was younger and in high school and never attained desired results when I ate meat. Of course we have to take into consideration the fact that I was only 15 years old when I stopped consuming meat, but when I switched to a vegan diet, all of sudden I started gaining muscle and weight. It may not make sense, based on the image and reputation vegans have of being weak and skinny, but I gained amazing amounts of muscle over the years that I have been vegan and involved in a weight-training program.

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