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Michael Arnstein - Raw Vegan Runner

His Bio: 

Michael Arnstein has been a competitive runner since he was 13 years old. His passion is peak performance, and that is what lead him to change his diet. Over a 15-year period, Michael slowly refined his standard American diet to what he now considers home base: 80/10/10. At 33 years old, having eaten a low-fat raw vegan diet for almost three years, Michael has set all new personal records from short distances all the way up to 100 mile ultramarathons. He recently ran 2:28 at the 2010 Boston Marathon, placing 55th overall. Michael runs upwards of 200 miles per week and hasn't experienced a single injury or illness since he adopted a diet consisting almost entirely of fruit. He blogs about his experiences transitioning to this way of life and how it has helped him reach all new levels of performance at his website: www.TheFruitarian.com.

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