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Tonya Kay - Raw Vegan Dancer

In this episode, OrganicAthlete founder Bradley Saul interviews raw vegan athlete Tonya Kay.

Tonya Kay is a professional dancer and actress. She has performed worldwide and currently resides in Los Angeles. Her style is fun and groovy, and she actively promotes a raw vegan diet.

On becoming a raw foodist, she says: 

First and foremost I notice a feeling of personal integrity. The raw food lifestyle is truly an expression of mySelf and my body is a mirror for that. We are what we eat, as they say, and I'd rather be a sexy young coconut than empty puffy pasta - even if it is whole wheat! As an athlete I notice that my body responds almost immediately to the requests I make of it. Recovery time, strength building, cardio capacity and flexibility are no longer mysteries, but givens.

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