Dear friends and supporters,

In 2003, I started OrganicAthlete with a vision to change the world through sport. During its early years, the organization thrived. We had chapters and members around the world. Our Tour d'Organics event was largely successful. Sadly though, the time has come to close OrganicAthlete. I believe OrganicAthlete's ideals of combining the founding precepts of organic agriculture with an Olympic spirit are still worth living by, and I hope others will continue to find inspiration in them.

I'm proud of OrganicAthlete's role in making the world aware that a plant-based diet is possible for athletes. I don't keep track of the world of vegan athletes like I used to, but whenever I peek, it seems like this space is booming compared to 17 years ago when OrganicAthlete started. A plant-based supplement company was even the title sponsor of the Ironman Triathlon last year!

To thank everyone that joined us and made OrganicAthlete possible would require days, and I'm afraid I would forget many. With that in mind, please accept this with my sincerest intentions: THANK YOU for being a part of this organization!

With love,

Bradley Saul

P.S. I do have a few remaining clothing items in Small, XS, and XL. If you're interested, please email me.