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Raw Food Bodybuilding

Charlie Abel has a new edition of his ebook about building muscle on a raw vegan diet. Is weightlifting and bodybuilding possible on a raw vegan diet? 38 year veteran natural bodybuilder Charlie Abel says it's very possible, and at 54 years old has the physique many in their 20s would envy.

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Venus Williams Goes Vegan

According to an article on the website postgame.com, Venus was diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome (pronounced show-grins) this past summer, an incurable immune system disorder that caused her to pull out of the U.S. Open in August. Through the recommendation of her sister, Serena, Venus began looking into holistic treatments for the disease, which has no conventional remedies.

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Top 11 Predictions for Vegan Athletes in 2012

Since Jostradamus Connelly gave his top ten predictions for a vegan 2012, I thought I would give my eleven predictions for vegan athletes in 2012. Yes, this one goes to eleven.

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Vegan Bodybuilders in the NY Times

Today's NY Times features an article about vegan bodybuilders. "Sculpted by Weights and Strict Vegan Diet" shares the story of several vegan bodybuilders, including Robert Cheeke and Kenneth Williams.

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Kickstart Vegan Athletes

A Day in the Life of a Vegan Athlete needs to raise $3400. They have raised $1034. Get into gear vegan athletes! This worth supporting.

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A Vegan Dining Hall

The University of North Texas has opened a new vegan dining hall.

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Unbeefy Linemen Still Stout

Here are two college football linemen holding their own without the meat: Richard Fisher of Cal and Fabbians Ebbele of the University of Arizona.

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Go Vegan Cycling Caps In Stock

I have a few of our ever popular Go Vegan Cycling Caps in stock. Grab 'em now and stay warm this Fall!

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Poland's Vege (not just) Runners

It's always inspiring to see vegetarian athlete groups in other countries. Here's some info on a group in Poland. Check 'em out!

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Day in the Life of a Vegan Athlete: Cara Gillis

Matt Ruscigno has posted the 2nd of the Day in the Life of a Vegan Athlete (he actually posted these over a month ago, but I'm just getting caught up); this time with former OrganicAthlete cycling team member Cara Gillis. It's so good to see Cara still hammering on. Enjoy!

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